Engineered Wall Systems

Combining C3 Fireboard with an insulating core to create an advanced structurally insulated panel

The C3 system provides improved thermal & acoustical insulation, superior fire rating, water resistance, and greater durability for exterior walls, foundations, roofs, and floors. Pre-fabricated, custom-designed C3 Systems provide higher quality, cost-effective solutions which reduce construction waste and speed up on-site construction time.

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Designed to provide superior efficiency and structural strength.

The C3 Panels are a “sandwich” construction of a proprietary Cast Cement Composite (C3) board glued under pressure to a core of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation, and with studs, plates, spines, and cleats selected for optimum price-to-performance characteristics. All C3 Panels are engineered to be as cost-efficient as is reasonable for the project.

Need a custom solution? EnviroQwest will work with you to develop a building solution that fits your unique requirements.

Whether you’re starting with an idea, or existing plans, our design team can develop a custom design to fit your needs, or convert your existing architectural plans to take advantage of all the benefits of MGO’s C3 Engineered Wall System.







Commercial and Industrial Applications

MgO custom prefabricated C3 Engineered Wall System is manufactured to your specifications and design in a controlled environment. It arrives when you want it and your building is erected in a matter of days and weeks instead of months.

Our wall systems are structural and integrate various components, eliminating on-site coordination of multiple trades, and result in a structurally-superior building — able to withstand high wind loads, moisture, and are blast-resistant. All of this combined with a superior fire rating as compared to traditional construction, results in a superior building delivered on budget, and on a shorter timeline for our clients.

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